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Our Technology

How it Works?

Simloud's SAAS automates cloud microservices infrastructure creation, improves cost management aimed at reduction and visibility, enables CI/CD, centralized logging, monitoring, and troubleshooting by using Kubernetes and serverless technologies.

How Simloud works

The Flexibility of Open Sourceand 3rd Party Domain Support

Open source has an abundance of data that we leverage in our technology.The industry's best practices provide you with affordability, flexibility, and control over your cloud environment.

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See What Leading Industry Experts Say About Simloud

Oded Har-Tal
Founder & CTO at DataRails

While DataRails is considered as an Azure cloud platform expert, AWS was new to us. We were surprised to find how quick and easy it was to onboard AWS with CI/CD, K8S and Lambda clusters, Vault for security and more. We run on Azure and it took us months to get to this specific configuration. To get to the same infrastructure with these components without hiring AWS DevOp expert would take us at least 4 month.

With Simloud it took 39 minutes without DevOp expertise!!!  Do you get it? MINUTES... and it works like a charm.

Liran Ben-Abu
DevOps Team Leader at Voyager Labs

Our infrastructure is constantly changing. Using Simloud we can continuously monitor our cost efficiency and identify key opportunities to reduce spending. Simloud saves us money every month!

Igal Dahan
Head of Infrastructure

So simple, so fast, so clean! I was very sceptic about the promise, and after using Simloud wizard I ask myself how didn't I think about it first... It saved us 6 months of work, and a great deal of money. It took us 5 minutes to configure our network and 1 hour and 4 minutes to have a complex working environment.

Eli Avital
Founder & CTO at Byetax

Simloud onboarded Byetax backend to AWS in a couple of hours with a full solution for our microservices in kubernetes cluster including CI/CD, centralized logging and monitoring, we estimate that it saved us couple of months and a lot of devops costs.

Itay Segal
Chief Technology Officer at Labtech

It took me 5 seconds to connect to the pain Simloud is addressing, and so I challenged them asking for a live DEMO. I have to say that Simloud is a game changer for companies' desire to onboard the cloud supporting microservices. Simloud reduced the onboarding cycle from 3-8 months to hours, supporting CI/CD, Kubernetes & Serverless, centralized logging & monitoring, and much more. If you onboard the cloud I recommend checking Simloud first.

Stas Khirman
CTO at RealizeMD

realizedMD is an AI-based medical aesthetics service, and as such uses a core intensive AI system. As a startup, our main focus is cost reduction and time to market. Simloud allowed us to onboard AWS cloud supporting end-to-end K8S cloud infrastructure with CI/CD and centralized monitoring/logging within a day. This saved us between 4 and 6  months of work according to my original plan, not to mention the cost involved. On top of that, the Simloud built in Grafana component saved us the need to pay additional cost for centralized monitoring.

David Alfasi
Head of IT at Avatrade

To achieve a professional stable secured and cloud agnostic architecture with centralized log-in, centralized monitoring, CI/CD, Vault, K8S and Lambdas with cost prediction and cost optimization functionality I would have needed to hire a team of DevOps specialized in so many cloud fields. And I managed to create an environment in less than an hour. Shapo!!

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